The Magic of Marc Jacobs

7 Sep

I adore Marc Jacobs & Marc by Marc Jacobs so needless to say with NYC fashion almost upon us I am super excited to watch the Spring 2011 Collection live online.  Make sure you register for all the details on so that you dont miss out on the Magic that is Marc Jacobs

Although I can but dream to own the entire Spring 2011 collection, here are some of my own favorite Marc Jacobs & Marc by Marc Jacobs pieces.

My Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, I wore these bad boys to death this summer & I have received so many compliments. These are my star buy this summer!

Marc By Marc Jacobs

My bottle of Daisy. As you can tell from the bottle I wear this scent everyday, its perfect for the office and after office drinks! It’s sophisticated yet light and refreshing. Time for me to restock………

Daisy By Marc Jacobs

I love love love love this clutch, it’s goes with almost every outfit. It can rock an outfit like black skinny jeans, a tank and leather jacket & it can looks classy with a cocktail dress. It’s small enough to hold easily in my hand & big enough to fit my touch up make up items, cash, ID, Phone & camera. Perfect!

Marc Jacobs Clutch

Marc Jacobs keep doing what you’re doing & we look forward to the Spring Collection


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