There`s No Place Like Home

4 Jan

Well folks Christmas is over for yet another year & my New Years hang-over has just about said it’s good-bye. I am back in Toronto after a fantastic trip home to Ireland, catching up with family & friends complemented with lot`s of fry up`s, turkey din`s, desserts, cups of tea & alcoholic refreshments.
I’d say I am about a stone heavier too, a repercussion I fully accept the over-indulgence with definitely worth it!……but thank god airlines only weigh the baggage or I could of been seriously out of pocket!! Micheal O Leary don’t be getting any ideas! ūüėČ

So here’s a few highlights from the trip home;

Numero Uno – We made it home

With a combination of security breaches, flight delays & Baltic weather conditions playing havoc on our travel plans, we were lucky that we just made it home by the scrape of our teeth. I was never so happy to fly over freezzzzzing Ireland.

It`s normally Green - I promise

Celebrating a Friends Engagement

I was so delighted to be home in time to celebrate my friends recent engagement & I was thrilled that she asked me to be her bridesmaid…..I am so excited for the planning ahead & of course¬† the big day itself!

A Winter Wonderland & A White Christmas

Anyone who isn’t Irish may not appreciate this one, but let me briefly explain – we rarely get snow in Ireland & if we do it might be 1 or 2 inches at most & turns to slush by the time you get your coat & hat on to go outside! But this time the Country was full on fluffy white sticking snow!!

Here are some pics the birds feeding & our dogs out playing.

Over-Indulgence –
this needs no explanation!


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