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There`s No Place Like Home

4 Jan

Well folks Christmas is over for yet another year & my New Years hang-over has just about said it’s good-bye. I am back in Toronto after a fantastic trip home to Ireland, catching up with family & friends complemented with lot`s of fry up`s, turkey din`s, desserts, cups of tea & alcoholic refreshments.
I’d say I am about a stone heavier too, a repercussion I fully accept the over-indulgence with definitely worth it!……but thank god airlines only weigh the baggage or I could of been seriously out of pocket!! Micheal O Leary don’t be getting any ideas! 😉

So here’s a few highlights from the trip home;

Numero Uno – We made it home

With a combination of security breaches, flight delays & Baltic weather conditions playing havoc on our travel plans, we were lucky that we just made it home by the scrape of our teeth. I was never so happy to fly over freezzzzzing Ireland.

It`s normally Green - I promise

Celebrating a Friends Engagement

I was so delighted to be home in time to celebrate my friends recent engagement & I was thrilled that she asked me to be her bridesmaid…..I am so excited for the planning ahead & of course  the big day itself!

A Winter Wonderland & A White Christmas

Anyone who isn’t Irish may not appreciate this one, but let me briefly explain – we rarely get snow in Ireland & if we do it might be 1 or 2 inches at most & turns to slush by the time you get your coat & hat on to go outside! But this time the Country was full on fluffy white sticking snow!!

Here are some pics the birds feeding & our dogs out playing.

Over-Indulgence –
this needs no explanation!


Holidays are Coming

24 Nov

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, spending time with family & friends, over indulging, classic Christmas movies, festive parties & if you’ve been good some great pressies under the tree. That being said I’m never one to start the festive season too early, it’s all about pacing yourself so that you go the distance.
But I was quite shocked when I realised today that I only have 3 weekends left until I go home to Ireland for Christmas!! I’m So excited but at the same time I know it’s time to start the preparation & pressies are first on the agenda. Here are some of my picks for;

Gifts $25 & under

Martha Stewart Collection Recipe Cocktail Shaker – Macys $24.99
Studded Stretch Ring – Topshop $18
Le Vernis Steel – Chanel $23
Fall in Glove in Gray Gloves – Modcloth $24.99
The Sartorialist – Fredflare.com $25
Faux Fur Bootie Slipper – Urban Outfitters $24
Candy Bar Scarf in Nougat – Modcloth $24.99
Tattoo Etched ID Case – Urban Outfitters $14
The Gingerbread Man, ginger hot salt body scrub – Philosophy $25
Christian Lacroix Croquis Notebook – Therapie New York $10.95
Backstage Eye Shadow Palette – Sephora $19