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Clarins – Skin Brightening Project

18 Apr

Like mother like daughter…this saying most definitely rings through in my family. I am often told “You are the image of your mam” which just happens to be true.  But it’s not just her looks & personality that has been passed down, I also follow in her beauty regime…Clarins, the staple beauty product my mam & her sisters have used since I can remember & they look great so as they say if something ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

Unfortunately Clarins has not always been part of my budget, down through the years I have used it when I can. In school I was lucky enough to work on a saturday in my aunts pharmacy, so I was well stocked with samples & testers! Occasionally I  “borrowed” it from my mam’s supply, she is so generous what’s hers is yours…

As I am now working full-time I like to treat myself, I bought a package at the Clarins spa in The Bay, 7 treatments for the price of 5. I have been enjoying a facial every 4-6 months from my aesthetician Jennifer. Unfortunately last year some slight signs of sun damage developed on my face. More than likely the result of my year spent travelling in Australia, one such year I went without Clarins! A backpacker certainly does not have spare funds for such a luxury…ashamedly being young & foolish I didn’t look after my face as well I should have. I did put sun-factor on my face each day, but I was very lazy about re-applying.

Thankfully Jennifer has worked wonders with my skin & now it’s barely visible. Needless to say I am now a freak when it comes to protecting my face with sunscreen……everyday, everyday, everyday! In the words of Baz Luhrmann “Trust me on the sunscreen!”

When Jennifer called last week to tell me about the special gift offer I was into the spa like a shot…after a very relaxing facial Jennifer suggested two new products I should try

  • Bright Plus Moisturizer with SPF20 – this should help to even out my skin tone & it’s oil free which is a must for my skin. One reason I love Clarins creams is they are light & non greasy. (I also wear a SPF70 over my moisturizer for full protection).
  • Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream – I haven’t used a facial exfoliator in a long time. Jennifer suggested I use this once a week to tighten pores, extract impurities & smooth my skin.
  • I also received my free gift which includes a small size of gentle foaming cleanser, Multi-Active Day Cream, Gentle Refiner & Skin Renewal Serum all in a mini-travel bag. Perfect for my hol’s (nothing yet planned but I live in hope)
  • And because Jennifer is so good, she threw in a mini sorbet lip gloss
So with these products combined with more water & more sleep I am looking forward to brighter, smoother skin for summer…I’ll keep you posted on the results.
What are your beauty staples for beautiful skin?