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Banana Pancakes

10 May

Throughout the trip to Ottawa, our beautiful hostess Dana cooked up a storm. Her breakfast spread of Banana Pancakes just happened to be one of my favourites, so on Sunday morning I decided to give them a whirl…I found the recipe here. Surprisingly easy to make & extremely tasty – the perfect treat after a late night on the tiles!

I guess Canada is starting to rub off on me, I bought my first EVER bottle of maple syrup!


Chorizo Sausage & Mushroom Thin Crust Pizza

20 Apr

Thin Crust Pizza is one of my favourite snacks, it fills the gap without completely over indulging! The best bit has to be the endless amount of topping combinations you can create. Usually I do this while ordering it, but on Sunday I decided to make my very own Pizza from scratch! So as I usually do when venturing on a new cooking challenge – I follow Donal Skehan’s trusty recipe – Chorizo Sausage & Mushroom Thin Crust Pizza.

I am delighted to report back that it’s very simple to follow (you will build up good muscle rolling the dough! So you can feel better after chowing down!) The only problem – I am now addicted…I’m looking forward to trying out one of my all time favourites spinach, mushroom & goats cheese.

I’m interested to hear your favourite topping combos?

Key Lime Pie

30 Mar

While grocery shopping on Sunday I spotted a bag of key limes. The small fruit sparked a memory of the Summer I spent working in an exclusive Long Island beach club in New York. Key Lime Pie was a favourite desert of the Ladies who lunched & having served it on many occasions but I never actually had the chance to enjoy it myself, so the key limes were put into my basket & I  decided to give it a go myself (recipe).

I now understand the craze, the Pie is delicious! There are many variations, I went with the digestive biscuit crust & meringue top, it’s typically known as a summer dessert but I have never been the kind of gal who can sit back & patiently wait for something to arrive….I severed it with my home-made vanilla ice-cream creating a perfect summer vibe.

Homemade Vanilla Ice-Cream

24 Mar

In a moment of sheer madness I decided to make my very own Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream, I hold my sweet tooth responsible! I am suffering major withdrawal symptoms since I gave up chocolate for Lent. After searching online to see if I needed a special Ice-cream maker, I was delighted to find a bunch of alternative recipes for people like myself (Ice-cream makerless) I did read that Ice-cream makers were inexpensive but I decided that I was an alternative receipe kind of gal – who needs a maker when you can DIY!

Excitement kicked in & I began the process – it didn’t take long for that excitement to wear off  when I realized I needed to leave my custard base refrigerated for 24hrs! So my craving had to wait another day. As you can imagine by day two &  after my fourth trip to freezer to mix the freezing Ice-cream…I had decided that next time I wanted I Ice-cream – I would simply buy it!!

But I think the Ice-Cream making process must be like labour, in the sense that once the process was over & I ate my first bite of my very own Ice-cream – the process went out the window…….It was all so worth it. Devine, glorious, melt in your mouth delicious! I have already thought of some of my favourite Ice-cream recipes that I want to try next time when I have sourced & bought my Ice-cream maker.

I’m thinking Brown Bread, Mint Choc Chip & Baileys…..What are your favourite flavours?

Pancake Party – Part Deux

8 Mar

Photo by somethings hiding in here

Even though we already celebrated Pancake Tuesday (here) we couldn’t resist a do-over. This time the boyfriend donned the chef’s hat, he cooked up a storm & although we didn’t have the heart-shaped bananas toppings like in the photo….they were delicious & devoured

I hope you all enjoyed your Pancake Tuesday.

Pancake Thursday

25 Feb

Pancake Tuesday stirs lot’s of happy memories, sitting at my Nana’s kitchen table in midst pancake warfare with my brother, both of us trying to scoff each pancake faster than the other, for fear the mountainous stacks would run out! Or the year we were watching my dad flipping the pancakes, we were telling him to flip them higher it was all fun & games until one actually got stuck on the ceiling. We fell about the kitchen in laughter…until it dawned on us we were now down one pancake & so the warfare continued!

Then there was the pancake binge myself & boyfriend under-took, starting with the 80s childhood classic filling lemon & sugar, we then moved onto jam & cream, followed by chocolate & strawberries & last but not least maple syrup. We were suffering from pancake sickness for about two days after!

You can understand my devastation today when I realized that for the first time I forgot Pancake Tuesday, old age must be creeping in earlier than expected. So this year I  celebrated my very own Pancake Thursday, I made a stack of pancakes filled with all the trimmings, yummy!

I have a lot of batter left-over…so filling suggestions are welcome

 EDIT – Folks crisis averted – Pancake Tuesday is March 8th….Sorry for any panic caused 🙂 

Valentines Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

14 Feb

You may remember here & here I tried my hand at some baking, thanks to simple recipes from the good mood food blog. Since I successfully managed not to poison anybody, I decided it was time to get back in the kitchen & give another recipe a whirl. This time I chose Mega Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes, yes folks there is definitely a chocolate theme developing! To give them a Valentines twist I decorated them with – Jelly Belly  Cupid Candy Corn (any excuse!). Thankfully they went down a treat with the boy & the work crew….

Gach duine sásta valentines lá! – Irish for Happy Valentines Day everybody!