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Mane Management

4 May

I was on the look out for a miracle product to tame my dried out mane – after researching online I set out to buy Moroccan Oil, as I heard it works wonders, but chatting to the consultant in the beauty supply store he advised that I try Marrakesh Oil  instead.

Asking why? He gave me 4 reasons;

  1. It’s cheaper – that pretty much sold it for me!
  2. It has a pump – so it’s easier to apply
  3. It does exactly the same job if not better – both products contain Argan oil which is the key ingredient
  4. Marrakesh Oil will not tint your hair – he advised that some people experienced a slight orange tint from the Moroccan oil (Although I must admit I didn’t see this in any of reviews I read online)

He kindly gave me a sample to try & I have used it for one week now, I can’t tell you how much I love this product. Managing my mane is no easy feat, after I wash my hair it becomes a tangled mess that requires a lot of time & patience to brush through!
Now I apply a teeny tiny amount of the oil to the ends of my hair & it smooths out and adds a shine. It has definitely decreased the fuzz & dry look of my shameful damaged ends…I’m pretty confident I have found a new staple in my hair-care regime…

This photo was taken late on the dance floor at my friend’s Wedding – no doubt AC/DC was playing…..It really is no wonder my mane is so hard to manage!!