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A Sneak Peek

17 Jan

As I mentioned in the post  (here) us ladies can carry our lives in our handbag – so here’s a sneak peek into my mine;

  1. iPhone & headphonesIt’s sad to say but I can’t live with-out
  2. Keys – It’s no fun being locked out!
  3. Digital CameraA xmas pressie from the boy, you never know when you will see the perfect pic!
  4. Wallet – Goes without saying
  5. Notebook & PenFull with To-Do Lists & little blog inspirations
  6. Cheque-Book Cheque’s popular in Canada – not so in Ireland . I wonder if I will ever get used to them?
  7. BlackberryFor work
  8. True Grit Cinema StubA Saturday night date night with the boy-friend…great flick
  9. Kiel’s Lip Balm – to keep my lips kissable in -20 temps!
  10. Strawberry (Reusable bag)environmentally friendly option for last-minute grocery shopping
  11. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle lotion – its important to smell pretty
  12. Chocolate I can’t function when hungry & guilty of a sweet tooth – so two birds – one chocolate!

Disclaimer – Please note that this is a true representation of my day-to-day hand-bag ….well once I removed  the tissues, receipts, empty sweet wrappers & lot’s of  loose change      😉




Handbags – Every Womans Weapon of Chioce

12 Jan

You’re never fully dressed without a smile – Handbag….

Handbag’s…..ladies love them, men can’t understand them, but where would us ladies be with-out them?? Really…you are never fully dressed until you pack up your hang-bag with all your essentials. We can literally pack our life & carry it from pillar to post! Thankfully they come in 1000s of different shapes &  sizes, so depending on the occasion or our schedules we have the perfect bag for every situation and if we don’t we do what we do best….Buy/Beg/Borrow or Steal (sisters beware!) until we find the right one!

You see men….there is a method to our madness! Anytime I even pick up a handbag for a wee browse, the Boys eyes immediately roll to the heavens “You have loads of bag’s!”“Yea….& your point is what exactly??” Believe it or not lads…sometimes we do actually NEED another new bag….It’s not our fault that they happen to look so nice, it all comes down to practically (well for the most part!)

One of my college lecturers had some very funny insight into women & handbags
–  “the older women get, the bigger their bloody bag gets & they can never find anything they’re looking for….that’s why I wont queue behind the old ones in the super-market!”

Here are some I’m eying up on Polyvore – loving the studs on the Alexander Wang & Rebecca Minkoff…..all my picks a very pricy & well over my Jan budget but I love that you can find designer style in the high street stores – River Island always has a great selection now I just need to find somewhere in Canada……

Hand Bag - Crush