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Guest Post on A Chick Named Hermia

12 Apr

Hi folks,

Today you can find me on A Chick Named Hermia, guest posting while the lovely Hermia is busy moving…..you can check the post out here


The Nightmare that is…….Unpacking!

4 Jan

Unfortunately for my boyfriend, our apartment & my clothes…..I am the kind of girl who can leave her suitcase sitting in the hall for a good week or two before unpacking!

Day after day just I over-take the bulging suitcase like a race-horse in blinkers & I don’t even give it a second thought! A skill my boyfriend simply can’t understand….but what really tips him over the edge are my random pit stops to the suitcase…rooting out some possession that all of sudden I can’t live without!! And yes he is right unpacking the bloody thing would be a hell of a lot easier…but for some reason I will put it off till the last.

Unpacking is my WORST NIGHTMARE….OK a slight exaggeration but I really really REALLY hate it!

So to avoid a Mexican stand-off type situation with the boy…like Ray & Debra in that classic baggage episode of “Everyone Loves Raymond” I’m off to unpack & although I don’t have the excessive load that Miss Hilton above has, this will be a record folks……only two days!

Wish me luck!