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The Man Mojito

2 Mar

This weekend I tried & tested another recipe, which is perhaps one of my favourites so far…alcohol tends to have that effect! When it comes to Cocktails I am a huge fan of Mojitos my boyfriend on the other-hand not so much, he sticks with Whiskey straight. So needless to say when I spotted these Jameson Fire Iced Cocktails I knew I hit the jackpot.

A hint of Mojito +  A lot of Whiskey  = The perfect compromise… or as I like to call them “The Man Mojito”

Each time an Irish visitor comes to stay, they generously arrive bearing gifts. It’s no surprise that a bottle of Irish Whiskey always tops the bill so thankfully we are always fully stocked…

Hint; The mixture needs to stand for 2hrs before serving so don’t leave it to the last minute to prepare or you could have quite the wait, I somehow missed that instruction with my excitement!