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Choo Love

23 Feb

You may recall my little dilemma to Splurge or Conserve, well here are the results…..

Some say when you find true love, you just know & I believe it to be true. While browsing through a downtown furniture store to my surprise I spotted a clothes rack hidden away in the upstairs gallery. With the boyfriend busy browsing kitchen tables downstairs I decided a quick sneak peek through the racks would do no harm. Having scanned through the small collection of designer hand-bags, clothes, jewellery & shoes, I was just leaving – making note to myself that a return visit was definitely in order. Then through the corner of my eye I spotted a pair of Jimmy Choo Hunter Rain boots peeping out from under the dress rack.  This is Faith I thought picking up the boots  & eagerly turning them upside down to check the size, 8, ding, ding, ding my stomach flipped…It was love at first sight! I love the crocodile embossed rubber, the gold detail on the buckle & the leopard print lining.

Then to my dismay I spotted the price-tag…way out of my price range! Teasing myself I decided to try them on anyway, up and down the racks I walked, stoping to admire them in the mirror by this stage the sales assistant was hovering over me,  re-confirming what I already knew, how fabulous they are! “Yep with a fabulous price-tag to boot” I replied as I was reluctantly taking them off, she then mentioned the golden words I love to hear “They are on sale – half price”……..

So needless to say I left the furniture store minus a kitchen table but very happy with my two Choo loves (the boyfriend & the boots)…….sometimes it feels good to splurge!