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Style File – Olivia Palermo

2 Feb

Love her or hate her…you cant deny this girl has serious style! I first came across Olivia Palermo on the MTV series The City. Yes folks sad I am, spending many a lazy Sunday stuck to the couch watching the antics of these young fashionistas. On the show I didn’t take a liking to Olivia…who would? She came across as spoilt, lazy, pertenious name dropper……but then it is reality TV & I’m sure plenty of scripting was involved.

All personal feelings aside I would give anything to have this girl’s wardrobe, just like Miss Moss she is the perfect clothes-horse. Effortlessly pulling off any look & Miss Palermo certainly keeps us on our toes mixing preppy tailored outfits one day &  boho rock outfits the next. She also happens to have the best accessories…….oh & I love her hair. Hmm guess I’m a lover & not a hater after all.


Here’s my Olivia Inspired Outfit

Style File

Style File by em_mai featuring mesh tops

Girl of the Month Collage Via WhoWhatWear