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Banana Pancakes

10 May

Throughout the trip to Ottawa, our beautiful hostess Dana cooked up a storm. Her breakfast spread of Banana Pancakes just happened to be one of my favourites, so on Sunday morning I decided to give them a whirl…I found the recipe here. Surprisingly easy to make & extremely tasty – the perfect treat after a late night on the tiles!

I guess Canada is starting to rub off on me, I bought my first EVER bottle of maple syrup!


Pancake Thursday

25 Feb

Pancake Tuesday stirs lot’s of happy memories, sitting at my Nana’s kitchen table in midst pancake warfare with my brother, both of us trying to scoff each pancake faster than the other, for fear the mountainous stacks would run out! Or the year we were watching my dad flipping the pancakes, we were telling him to flip them higher it was all fun & games until one actually got stuck on the ceiling. We fell about the kitchen in laughter…until it dawned on us we were now down one pancake & so the warfare continued!

Then there was the pancake binge myself & boyfriend under-took, starting with the 80s childhood classic filling lemon & sugar, we then moved onto jam & cream, followed by chocolate & strawberries & last but not least maple syrup. We were suffering from pancake sickness for about two days after!

You can understand my devastation today when I realized that for the first time I forgot Pancake Tuesday, old age must be creeping in earlier than expected. So this year I  celebrated my very own Pancake Thursday, I made a stack of pancakes filled with all the trimmings, yummy!

I have a lot of batter left-over…so filling suggestions are welcome

 EDIT – Folks crisis averted – Pancake Tuesday is March 8th….Sorry for any panic caused 🙂