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Vintage Vibes

7 Feb

Browsing vintage shops on Queen St West was the perfect distraction on yet another snowy Saturday. On the street car busy chatting with my friend Emma we missed our stop, going about five blocks too far. But our lack of concentration turned into a great fashion find…we stumbled across Philistine where I picked up this beautiful royal blue dress with cut-out detailing & the best part was it was half-price a grand total of $16. I will definitely be back for another visit soon.

As we shuffled down the slushy streets we popped in and out of little shops here & there – one of which reminded me of a scene from that hoarders show, jammed packed with anything & everything, ladies busy screening T-shirts behind the tills. I spotted this beautiful Browns Couture hand-bag hidden in shelf blocked with large laundry bags full of material but no obstacle to big I managed to straddle the bags & nab my new find…

My last buy is the one I am probably most excited about. In 69 Vintage I found this black Coach Court hand-bag & I instantly fell in love. I love the character the soft worn leather adds, I see it as an investment piece. ….I am now on the look-out for a gold belt to wear with the dress.


Handbags – Every Womans Weapon of Chioce

12 Jan

You’re never fully dressed without a smile – Handbag….

Handbag’s…..ladies love them, men can’t understand them, but where would us ladies be with-out them?? Really…you are never fully dressed until you pack up your hang-bag with all your essentials. We can literally pack our life & carry it from pillar to post! Thankfully they come in 1000s of different shapes &  sizes, so depending on the occasion or our schedules we have the perfect bag for every situation and if we don’t we do what we do best….Buy/Beg/Borrow or Steal (sisters beware!) until we find the right one!

You see men….there is a method to our madness! Anytime I even pick up a handbag for a wee browse, the Boys eyes immediately roll to the heavens “You have loads of bag’s!”“Yea….& your point is what exactly??” Believe it or not lads…sometimes we do actually NEED another new bag….It’s not our fault that they happen to look so nice, it all comes down to practically (well for the most part!)

One of my college lecturers had some very funny insight into women & handbags
–  “the older women get, the bigger their bloody bag gets & they can never find anything they’re looking for….that’s why I wont queue behind the old ones in the super-market!”

Here are some I’m eying up on Polyvore – loving the studs on the Alexander Wang & Rebecca Minkoff…..all my picks a very pricy & well over my Jan budget but I love that you can find designer style in the high street stores – River Island always has a great selection now I just need to find somewhere in Canada……

Hand Bag - Crush

Steady as she goes!

10 Jan

As a result of my Christmas indulgence as seen (here), it was inevitable that January would be a very quiet month pour moi….a chance to detox the body & more importantly the bank balance!

Week One

My nothing nothing weekend was a success, I managed to keep myself out of the public houses & I’m happy to report that I really enjoyed it! So what about the positive effects??…Have I experienced a miraculous body transformation?? Am I now a budding millionaire??

Not a chance!…I substituted my usual alcoholic intake with lattes, malt milkshakes, Irish Butler chocs & not forgetting comfort junk food, all nicely adding to the excess body warmth that has already accumulated around the waistline 🙂

As for the bank balance, stopping into Urban Outfitters for a quick browse is never a good idea…..I ended up trawling through the busting sale racks & picking up double my body weight in potential finds! The guilt eventually kicked into action & I left with just the top four, one of which a pair of jeans for $10…so I think of it as an investment rather than a splurge!

For week 2 I am contemplating introducing exercise & a sugar intake reduction (once I’ve finished my butlers stash of course!)…..but as the song goes “Steady as she goes!”

My First Shoe Love

2 Sep

My boyfriend is puzzled by my collectamania of Shoes, I try to explain to him that its not a “condition“  that I suffer from. It is in fact Shoe Love.  Something that not a lot of guys understand, but us Ladies are born with it, Shoe Love is part of our DNA.

I remember my first Shoe Love I was seven & they were the “Princess shoes“  as I called them… Otherwise known as Magic steps by Clarks, most famous for the mysterious key on the sole. Well I was mesmerized, so much detail and fun in a little shoe.  Every time I saw the ad on TV I wanted them more and more, I wanted to be the princess and I wanted to have that key! I would torment my poor parents for weeks on end to buy them for me.

I never did get the “Princess shoes“ but the Love of Shoes was born and it`s been a roller-coaster of ride since! Stay tuned for more Shoe Love tales & take a quick peek at the clever advert that sparked the obsession!

An 80`s classic – I love the ending a little creepy! 🙂

Do you remember “Magic shooooes?”