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Steady as she goes!

10 Jan

As a result of my Christmas indulgence as seen (here), it was inevitable that January would be a very quiet month pour moi….a chance to detox the body & more importantly the bank balance!

Week One

My nothing nothing weekend was a success, I managed to keep myself out of the public houses & I’m happy to report that I really enjoyed it! So what about the positive effects??…Have I experienced a miraculous body transformation?? Am I now a budding millionaire??

Not a chance!…I substituted my usual alcoholic intake with lattes, malt milkshakes, Irish Butler chocs & not forgetting comfort junk food, all nicely adding to the excess body warmth that has already accumulated around the waistline 🙂

As for the bank balance, stopping into Urban Outfitters for a quick browse is never a good idea…..I ended up trawling through the busting sale racks & picking up double my body weight in potential finds! The guilt eventually kicked into action & I left with just the top four, one of which a pair of jeans for $10…so I think of it as an investment rather than a splurge!

For week 2 I am contemplating introducing exercise & a sugar intake reduction (once I’ve finished my butlers stash of course!)…..but as the song goes “Steady as she goes!”